Timmy's Preschool Adventure - Fun Educational Games for Toddlers

Help Timmy get to school and have fun developing your child's fundamentals. Created in partnership with a teacher, Timmy's Preschool Adventure focuses on the basic skills for your preschooler: Matching, Patterns, Counting, Numbers, Letters, Colors and more. Win stickers along the way to place in your virtual sticker book. Then once you reach school, participate in the day's activity.

25 different mini-games to practice basic skills

  • Connect the Dots - There's a river to cross and the only way is by connecting the dots to form a way over the water.
  • Key Match - The fence is locked. Match the right color keys to open the lock and pass through the fence
  • Pattern Bridge - Crossing the river is hard when there are planks missing. Choose the right color plank to fix the bridge and cross over the river
  • Color by Shapes - Timmy's hungry. Match the shapes to paint in the picture and reveal the fruit he needs to give him energy to finish his walk to school
  • Overhead Maze - Help Timmy get through the hedge maze by following patterns, numbers or letters

Seven school activities to help enrich your child's creativity (unlock new activities each time you reach the school)

  • Monday: Coloring - use crayons to color in the drawings, or get a blank piece of paper and have fun creating your own masterpiece
  • Tuesday: Bongos - tap on the bongos to play drums along with the optional music
  • Wednesday: Photo frame - paint and decorate your own photo frame, add a photo from your camera roll and save it for emailing later
  • Thursday: Xylophone - tap or swipe your finger across the keys to play the notes along with the optional drum beat of your choice
  • Friday: Stamps - tap a stamp, tap on a color and press it to a sheet of paper with a background from the game.
  • Saturday: Apple Picking - Over at the orchard, drag 10 apples to your basket to fill it up
  • Sunday: Echo Cave - Speak into your device and listen to the echo (requires a microphone for use with iPod Touch).

What is the game like? What can I expect?

  • The game starts outside Timmy's house. Tap on the School sign when you're ready to start.
  • Timmy will need to complete 3 challenges on his way to school. Each time you start the game, it will pick up from the level you completed last until you get through all 25, then it starts over at level 1.
  • At the end of each challenge, you'll win a special sticker for that level. You can place the sticker anywhere you like on your sticker sheet before going to the next game. There's 50 stickers to win!
  • Once Timmy reaches the school, tap on the calendar day to select the activity you'd like to play. If you've already unlocked today's activity, you'll win a key to unlock another activity. Reach the school 7 times to unlock all 7 activities!