Number Quiz - the numbers tracing game for kids learning 123s

Number Quiz is the best way to learn the your numbers. Four different games for every stage of learning; flashcards, identification, matching and handwriting. Designed for kids but great for all ages.

What People Are Saying

  • "I had the free version of this and it's such a wonderful app I had to buy it. Purchased both the numbers and letters app. Both of my toddlers love the games and don't even realize they are learning."
  • "Just like the ABC app, this numbers app is fantastic for teaching toddlers how to recognize and write numbers. My 2.5 year learned so much from this app."

Four great games to develop your skills

  • 123 Flashcards to get started recognizing letters: Each number is shown on a card. Tapping on the card flips it over to reveal an object while a voice announces the number and the objects. Use app settings to play in random order for a change of pace.
  • Number Identification to test knowledge: Multiple numbers are shown on the screen and a voice requests you to touch a specific number. If you touch the right number, an object is shown, then it moves to the next number. Get through all 20 numbers and you win! Use app settings to play in random order or hide the hints to make the game more difficult.
  • Matching numbers with dots: The top shows numbers. The bottom shows dots. Draw a line between the number and the dots that match to get to the next level. Enable random order in app settings for even more challenge.
  • Number Tracing to practice handwriting: Each number is presented full screen with dotted lines shown to guide you through writing the number. As you trace with your finger, fun sounds play along the line. After each number is finished they are combined on a blackboard. You can play in random order by enabling them in the app settings. Complete all 20 numbers to unlock the fireworks celebration with exploding numbers and music!

Special Features

  • Teacher mode allows parents to pick individual numbers to trace, enabled in settings