FirstVideo for YouTube

Have you ever played a YouTube video for your kid only to end up with a list of "recommended" videos which aren't really appropriate? This happens all the time with me and my daughter, so we created FirstVideo.

FirstVideo provides a clean, kid friendly environment to watch YouTube videos. The interface is easy enough for your child to use by themselves and can be tweaked by a parent to allow access to only the videos you approve.

YouTube Videos for Kids

  • We've preloaded a ton of our favorite kid-friendly and parent-approved YouTube channels for you to watch.
  • Tap on the YouTube logo to show the list of channels.
  • Enable Parent Mode to allow searching for more YouTube videos. You can also subscribe to other channels and remove channels you don't want.

Starred Videos

  • Mark your favorite videos for easy access anytime. Just tap and hold on a video to add a star.
  • Tap on the Star icon to see the videos you've marked.

Special Features

  • Lots of settings allow parents to customize the experience for their kids.
  • You can disable playing over cellular networks to limit data usage.