Educational Games for Kids, Designed by Parents

Anyone with young children knows that when you're trying keep your kid from melting down, every minute counts. My wife and I were having breakfast out with our 20 month old daughter. This wasn't a good day; lots of fussing, food was still a ways out, had to distract her somehow. So I pulled out my iPhone and started flipping through apps, trying to find something I could distract her with.

All the apps I found were too difficult for her to use and provided very little feedback for a child who can't even use a fork yet. Tantrum Apps designs iPhone applications to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. They don't need to be complicated, they just need to do the job. We try to bring some educational value to the games as well, helping your child learn as they play.

We've been making games for kids since 2009. What started as simply a way to distract our daughter during a meal has matured into one of the top games companies on the App Store. Our apps have been downloaded over 5 million times, with over 100 thousand copies in use at schools. Turns out, making quality games that kids actually want to play is a good strategy.